I want to do an Advanced Search


Do you want to tailor the PD catalog specifically to you? Here's how.  

First, go to the ERL homepage and click the Search tile.


To do a more advanced search, all you need to do is click the filter button to the right of the search bar.


This filter button allows you to narrow your search to fit your needs. There are six categories that you can filter by: category, roles, formats, levels, regions, and date.

The category filter allows you to filter PD offered for a specific job title.


You may also filter by roles.  Perhaps you hold a particular role within your school, district, or organization and want to see what is available for you.  This filter is how you could narrow your results for that specific role.


Filtering by format allows you to choose the avenue the PD is offered.  Whether you like instructor-led courses, or conferences better, this is how you can tailor your search to what you want.


Looking for a particular PD that is tailored to your specific grade level?  Filtering by levels can show you only the courses that pertain to your grade level.


Perhaps you want a PD that is focused on your particular region.  Filtering by regions can show you only PD that pertains to you region specifically.


Lastly, you can filter by date or timeframe.  Use the arrows within the calendars to determine the dates in which you want the catalog to search for PD offerings.

Once you are finished placing your parameters within the filters, click the "Apply Filters" button.

The PD offerings within the parameters you set will appear.



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