Creating a new user account

When you are ready to create a new user account, follow the simple steps that follow and you will be on your way to getting your professional development underway.

From ERL’s home page, select the “Login” button at the top, right hand corner of the homepage.


When you are on the new page, select the “Setup Portal Account” button to create an account:


The account setup process will take you through four steps.


Step 1: Getting Started: You will first need to decide to use an existing Google account, which may be district email, or create a personal account.

(Selecting a Google account will help authenticate your account to be verified for ERL login process. If you are unsure if your district uses the Google App or not, please contact your IT administrator.)

When you have chosen the type of verification for the account you want, click the Next button.


Step 2: Account Type: You will choose which type of an account you will need:

      1. Educator/District Staff-This will be selected by teachers, principles, and other district staff.
      2. Non-District Staff/Other-This will be selected by non-district staff such as those in Child Nutrition Services.

When you have chosen which type of account you want to create, click the Next button.


Step 3: Contact Information: Enter your contact information into the 5 required fields.

When you have entered in your contact information, click the Next button.


Step 4: Creating a Username and Identifying the District: To complete the login process you will need to create a username and password.

***If you are creating an Educator / District Staff account you will be asked what district and school you are associated with. Fill in the required field for your username and password.

You will first need to select your district from the drop down menu bar.  

Then, select your specific school within your district.  

These pieces of information will assist with the authentication process of your account.  Once you have chosen your district and school affiliation, click the Finish button.


***If you are creating a Non-District Staff/ Other account, you will be asked to identify the organization you are affiliated with.

Once you have filled out the required information, and identified your organization, click the Finish button.


ALL accounts: Once you have completed the account setup process you will see a screen like below.  

Check the email you provided in the account creating process for a verification email. Your account is not active and complete until you follow the instructions given in the email.  Within the email, there will be a link.  Click that link and complete your account activation process.



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