Exploring a specific PD's information.

Once you find a PD that interests you and you click on it, you can explore and find more about what it offers within the dialog box that opens on your screen.


The dialog box has three tabs with information about the PD.  The first tab is titled "Schedule".  Here you will find the date, location, cost, seats available, and a registration link.  If you click the plus sign to the left of the date, the information will expand to show you times for the PD.


If you want to read more of the description you may click the "More" button or the "Overview" tab button to read the complete description of the PD.


The "Details" tab gives you the provider of the professional development, the credit hours offered, and a website link that will take you to the sponsor's website.

The website link will take you to a new tab in your browser. 


You can exit the dialog box at any time by clicking the "X" box in the top, right corner.



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