What does ERL have to offer?

ERL is an excellent tool to help you find professional development opportunities.  However, there is much more to ERL the PD.  Let's take a close look at what ERL has to offer.

At ERL's homepage, you have many resources at your fingertips.


Let's explore the different choices you can make when visiting ERL.

SEARCH: This tile allows to search ERL's PD catalog.  It contains all PD in the state of Idaho that is approved by the SDE.  Click the "Search" tile to be taken to the catalog.

 You can search for a specific PD you are looking for or you can peruse the offerings for a particular category.


EXPLORE: This tab allows you to explore free PD offerings.  

Click the tile and a dialog box will open.


Click one of the featured links and a new tab will open.  To exit, simply close the new tab and click the "x" in the top, right of the dialog box.


CODE OF ETHICS: This tile is a quick resource to Idaho's Cod of Ethics for Idaho Professional Educators.  When you click the tile, a dialog box that has a PDF version of the information will open.


To exit, simply click the "x" in the top, right of the dialog box.


SUGGEST: This tile is an open forum to suggest an idea or topic for a professional development course.  

Clicking on the tile opens a dialog box that you can suggest, vote on, or comment on PD ideas.


POST: This tile allows you to complete a form required for your PD offering to be posted to ERL.  Please see I would like my PD posted on ERL. How do I complete a request form? tutorial located on the Help homepage on how to do this.

Once you click the tile, you will be redirected to the required form.  Please fill out the form correctly and completely.

When your form is complete, submit your form.


SDE RESOURCES: This tile gives you quick links to all things SDE.  When you click on the tile, a dialog box will appear with links.





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